Genetics of Personality Type
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Genetics of Personality Type

Led by: Dr. Denise Cook
Ronin Institute
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Current academic research looking for personality genes measure personality traits using questionnaires for the “Big 5”: Extraversion, Openness, Conscientiousness, Agreebleness, Neuroticism, traits that have been found to vary continuously in the human population. While these studies have successfully identified genetic variants associated with each of these traits, each polymorphism has only a small effect on the phenotype and explains only a tiny fraction of the genetic variance in each trait. Consequently, none of the SNPs or combinations of SNPs identified so far can predict someone's personality traits. Instead of using the Big 5, this study will use three questionnaires to determine a person's Personality Type: categorizing people in one of 16 different groups that share similar behavioural tendencies, and we hypothesize, similar patterns of genetic variants as well. The goal is to use this framework to isolate genetic variants that are strongly correlated with personality type.

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