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Learn about Quantified Flu and our weekly community calls
Thu, Apr 23 2020

Join Quantified Flu Do changes in physiological signals that are measured through wearables (such as body temperature and resting heart rate) precede consciously experienced symptoms (such as cough…
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“Self research” panel video, join next on Mar 10!
Fri, Feb 28 2020

We wanted to share our recording of an excellent a panel we had on Monday, and invite you to our next one on March 10. As part of our Keating Memorial Self Research activity, we discussed how to ge…
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Notes & video from our self-research kickoff
Tue, Feb 11 2020

In case you missed it: we took notes & recorded our kickoff webinar for the Keating Memorial Self Research activity last week! On Thursday we’ll have “open office hours” to of…
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