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I'm 68 (4/2016), a white blue-eyed brown hair exclusively heterosexual divorced male of Northern European background. Height 6 foot (I've shrunk 1.5") weight 198 pounds BMI 26.8. The latter is probably a bit high as I've got very dense bones. Born in Ohio, lived near NYC since I was 21. I've a PhD in Chemistry and am a professional cell biologist and virologist although for the past thirty years I've been involved in venture capital. I've also farmed 200 acres for the past thirty years. My father also had a PhD as did my grandfather and, so far, one of three sons. My diet is undistinguished excepting I prepare nearly all my own food from raw ingredients. I've had several periods of obesity but the last was over forty years ago and I'm normal weight. Beyond the weight which may always come back I've only got very mild asthma, the typical prostate problems, and slowly increasing vision correction. I take a mild antacid, a mild blood pressure drug, aspirin (every day for 40 years), and the usual prostate meds. I'm pretty boring actually, although one quirky thing is that I emerged as one of Phil Tetlock and Barb Meller's "Superforecasters" coming out of the Good Judgement Project at the Wharton School. I tend to be a generalist rather than a specialist which is why I'm good at venture capital.

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