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Thanesix is a website to keep your dog happy and healthy. We share many of the best dog care tips and guides based on 10 years of experience from pet experts. Spend more time with your dog, shop for dog accessories to increase bonding. Thanesix will evaluate dog products fairly, so you can rest assured to choose the right item for your pet(dog). Website: Address: 941 Johnston Islands Suite 999 Pegram, TN 37143 United States Phone: +1 646 564 8127 Email: Thanesix's best-rated dog products: Best Dog Shampoo For Dry Skin: Best Training Collar For Stubborn Dogs: Best Harness For Pomeranian: Best Collar For German Shepherd: Best Joint Supplement for Dogs: Social: Facebook: Hashtag: #dog #pet #dogbreeds #dogcare #DogSupplies #dogtraining down syndrome pugs can pugs swim are pugs smart long haired dalmatian Can french bulldogs swim

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