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We believe that everyone has the ability to heal – sometimes it just takes a little extra TLC. We are dedicated to helping people evolve using their inner guide and transforming with love, compassion, and wholeness. Suffering does not have to be permanent and we are committed to being a resource throughout your healing journey. We are committed to serving you with compassion, growth, empathy and warmth. We have been providing knowledgeable, supportive, and inclusive care to Nashville, TN and throughout the southeast since 2019. As a dedicated group of mental health providers, we have extensive training and experience in psychedelic therapy.

Backed by Science We offer legal and evidenced-based psychedelic therapy with ketamine as well as integrative preparation and integration support. Additionally, we also offer public-speaking, harm-reduction training, and provider-consultations. We currently provide ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and plan to offer MDMA-assisted psychotherapy upon FDA approval (anticipated in 2023) Our therapists use a variety of proven psychotherapy methods to help our clients overcome trauma, pain or addiction. Our clinical director, Robert DeSalvo, was the first therapist to be professionally trained to provide MDMA Assisted Therapy in Tennessee. He has also completed Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy training and brings in a wealth of experience from his years of psychotherapy private practice. Lindsey received her psychedelics training from Psychedelics Today, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy training with Polaris Insight Center, and participated in a one year facilitation apprenticeship. She also has extensive psychotherapeutic training through the Hakomi Institute and Somatic Experiencing. Kaitlin has over two decades of experience working with a variety of populations as well as has Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy training through the Polaris Insight Center. All of our providers are able to ensure you have the transformative experience needed to heal and grow your mind.Learn More

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