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About me

I hope we can make participation in health research as exciting and engaging as many other kinds of popular cultural activities, like museums, sports, theater, etc. How many people can name their favorite research studies? Or favorite scientists? Or recount any positive experiences participating in health research? Let's change that!

You can find me online:

You'll see that I've shared my whole genome sequence publicly. I don't think this is appropriate for everybody. But, if you're considering it, check out the letter I wrote to my family. Please feel free to adapt and use it for your own purposes. I'm also collecting letters other people have written their family members. Feel to free to contribute yours.

Public data

23andMe Upload

(14.1 MB) 23andMe full genotyping data, original format
(5.4 MB) 23andMe full genotyping data, VCF format

AncestryDNA Upload

(17.3 MB) AncestryDNA full genotyping data, original format
(4.0 MB) AncestryDNA full genotyping data, VCF format

Data Selfies

(140 bytes)
(83 bytes)


(300.6 MB) Seeq project raw data. Contains personal genetic and microbiome information.

Harvard Personal Genome Project

(8.4 KB) PGP Harvard survey data, JSON format.
(227.0 MB) PGP Harvard genome, Complete Genomics var file format.
(32.8 MB) PGP Harvard genome, VCF file. Derived from Complete Genomics var file.