Elizabeth Meadows (emeadows317)
Connected studies and activities

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About me

I have INTJ preferences; divorced with two grown children; social dancer; a fan of movies and parlor games; a non-practicing Unitarian interested in Buddhist teachings; a psychology undergrad and a library science master; a member of Gulf Coast Mensa; interested in psychological type; revitalized and inspired by nature

I am philosophical, natural, and intense.

Public data

23andMe Upload

(23.6 MB) 23andMe full genotyping data, original format
(8.8 MB) 23andMe full genotyping data, VCF format

Harvard Personal Genome Project

(7.2 KB) PGP Harvard survey data, JSON format.

Open Humans Healthkit Integration

(3.7 KB) JSON dump of Healthkit Data
(1.6 MB) JSON dump of Healthkit Data
(4.6 MB) JSON dump of Healthkit Data
(5.1 MB) JSON dump of Healthkit Data
(818.7 KB) JSON dump of Healthkit Data