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What is the Deep Web and the Dark Web?

You've probably heard of the deep web and the dark web -- perhaps even from the news -- but what are they, exactly? What does it mean to access these areas of the internet, and why do people do so? The deep web, also known as the dark net, is everything on the Internet that can't be accessed with a traditional search engine like Google. It includes anything behind a log-in or paywall and any websites whose owners have blocked search engines from crawling their content. It also includes email messages, chat conversations and private social media accounts. There is a range of illegal activities that take place on the deep web, including snuff films, child pornography and hitmen for hire. The biggest marketplace on the dark web, the Silk Road, allegedly sold illegal drugs and other illicit items for two years before it was shut down by police in 2015. A large portion of the deep web is made up of medical records, fee-based content and confidential corporate websites that can't be searched with a regular browser. There are also whistleblower sites and a number of places where people conduct discussions about current events anonymously. Despite its reputation for illicit activity, the deep web isn't inherently dangerous to use. There are legitimate reasons for people to access the deep web and the dark net, such as those in hostile countries where freedom of speech isn't possible. There are also plenty of services to help protect your privacy online, so that you can safely surf the Internet without fear of being targeted by hackers.

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