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What is the Dark Web?

You may have heard of the dark web -- a part of the Internet that cannot be found using popular search engines. It's often associated with illegal activities, such as illicit drugs, weapons, child pornography and stolen credit card data. In the past, you might have even seen a website called The Silk Road, which was a marketplace where you could buy all of these things and more. While the dark web does contain pages that are dangerous and best avoided, it is important to note that most people access information on the deep web on a regular basis without realizing it. Anytime you log into an online banking or social media site, you are interacting with deep web content. Also, any website that requires a subscription to view its content (such as news websites or educational content sites) is on the deep web, as are websites that are paywalled and block search engine bots from viewing their content. Although this type of information is likely not sold on a dark market, it does end up in the hands of cybercriminals from time to time. It's important that you have the right security measures in place to prevent this from happening, including a reliable VPN, strong passwords and cybersecurity training. It's also a good idea to think twice before logging into your bank account via public Wi-Fi and to always use a VPN when accessing a sensitive website. This will help to ensure that any malware that may be downloaded from a dark web marketplace does not spread to your devices or company networks.

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