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What is the Deep Web? The deep web is the part of the internet that you can’t access with search engines like Google. It includes content that’s not indexed, such as personal email accounts and credit card information, as well as databases that aren’t accessible to anyone but those who have a username and password. The surface web, on the other hand, is accessible to everyone. Millions of people use search engines to find things on the surface, such as Netflix or Amazon, and most pages on those websites are indexed by the search engine. However, many other sites aren’t indexed by search engines, so they aren’t accessible by anyone. They include personal and business networks, social media websites, and databases that aren’t publicly available. A large part of the deep web is made up of non-indexed content that search engines can’t see, such as academic papers, private databases, or paid subscriptions to certain websites. It’s also where some illicit or criminal activity takes place. In addition to providing an escape from the surface web, the deep web is a way for users to communicate with friends and family without exposing their identity. It’s also a safe way to share sensitive information with people you trust or report corruption or abuse. Using the Tor network, you can send and receive messages across a chain of computers, each one protected by encryption, without knowing which ones are behind it. This makes Tor a great tool for sharing sensitive information or reporting corruption or abuse, but make sure to keep it and your devices updated, especially your browser.

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