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Auto Glass Expert Services Seattle WA Ask yourself: Why is it that there are 3 states in the country that automatically include a $0 deductible for windshield replacements? Not even able to opt out of it. In addition, most states offer a specific, individualized elected comprehensive deductible for the front windshield and front windshield only. Ranging from $0-$200 depending on the elected deductible the policyholder so chooses. while all the time, the comprehensive deductible for any other part of the car will remain at a normal rate of $500-$1,000. Many are unaware of this very useful resource. Even worse, the underwriter will automatically include it in the policy and the insurer isn't even aware they have this special windshield coverage. Quality before quantity, most windshield repairs are free and completely covered by insurance in vast majority of states. Let’s repair first, and if absolutely in a position when that won't quite get the job done., we’ll replace it with such perfection, you’ll be at ease knowing that your family is once again protected and safe.

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