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Go Mobile! Get your efforts to a higher level

Most businesses understand how important social media marketing can be for their bottom line. Social media marketing can do so many things for so little. From keeping your customers informed to branding your company, to promoting your products or services, to keeping track of their experience, you can keep a pulse on it all.

Businesses cite time as a major problem in managing their social media marketing. To make this effort work, someone must be connected to the internet 24 hours a day. With today's mobile technology and applications, social media marketing can be reborn as an experience on the mobile device - a mobile social marketing initiative.

Social media marketing is becoming more real-time and not a waiting game. People are taking advantage of the mobile phone's processing power. Real time doesn't mean that you need to always have your computer nearby, but your mobile phone is your computer, not your desktop.

Why should businesses concentrate on mobile social media marketing Take this as an example: Currently, around 1.1 billion people access the internet. 1.4 billion people view television. 2.2 billion use their mobile phones. We quickly see the power of social media being mobile. It's interactive and always with us.

The Driving Forces

The rise of mobile social media is a result of both technology and people. Connecting with others is a fundamental human need since the beginning of time. A mobile device's higher processing power, bandwidth and storage allow people to enjoy better audio and visual capabilities. This allows people to communicate more effectively with their phones, beyond a simple phone call. Technology is a revolution when it allows people to communicate better and connect more effectively. Revolutions are caused by evolutions, from smoke signals to telegraphs and telephones to mobile phones to social media to cell phones to cell phone technology.

Globalization and localization are also key factors. Globalization has made it possible to connect with the rest of the world via your smartphone. To see news feeds from all over the globe, you don't even need a TV or a laptop. It's also local. You can access local events and happenings. You can view the location of your employees and friends at any time with permission. Your phone can provide more than weather forecasts. You can also see what's happening around you.

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