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About me

Three out of four of my grandparents hail from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area; with their families coming from either there, or from within the Tri-State area of New York, Ohio and/or Pennsylvania.

I am German/Irish (maternal grandfather), Colonial American English (paternal grandfather) and Scottish/French (paternal grandmother). The fourth grandparent (maternal grandmother) was a native of the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Croix. She was of half Danish (father Denmark national) and mixed Scottish and Afro-Caribbean native island ancestry.

On a side note, some famed ancestors to whom I find it interesting that I happen to be related to by blood include the third woman to be executed by the Colonial American Government: my 11th great-grandmother, Dorothy Talby. A resident of the village of and one-time member of the Church of Salem (although she'd been ex-communicated from the latter by the time of the murder), Dorothy Talby was sentenced by Colonial Governor Winthrop to meet her death by hanging, after she broke her young toddler daughter Difficulty Talby's neck. Apparently, Dorothy's actions were provoked by untreated mental illness made worse by frequent domestic abuse. Or, as these examples of quite improper goodwifely behavior were more often attributed by the Puritans to be the evidence of-- Dorothy Talby's murderous actions were due to some influence over her received at the hands of none other than... "Satan". :) These events took place FIFTY years BEFORE the Salem Witch Trials.

I am fourth cousin to former two-time Presidential candidate and political pundit Pat Buchanan and his former U.S. National Treasurer sister Angela "Bay" Buchanan. We all share a (somewhat ironic, given the political distance which stretches for miles between them!) connection as well, through the same familial lines (my maternal grandfather) to rocker Marilyn Manson (Brian Warner), my sixth cousin!

Email me at kjbw75@gmail.com Thanks! Krissi

Public data

23andMe Upload

(17.3 MB) 23andMe full genotyping data, original format
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AncestryDNA Upload

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(6.6 MB) AncestryDNA full genotyping data, VCF format

Harvard Personal Genome Project

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