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    "results": [
            "active": true,
            "approved": true,
            "authorized_members": 523,
            "badge_image": "",
            "contact_email": "",
            "id": 92,
            "id_label": "direct-sharing-92",
            "info_url": "",
            "is_academic_or_nonprofit": false,
            "is_study": false,
            "leader": "Kevin Arvai",
            "long_description": "The goal of Imputer is to provide users with a more comprehensive picture of their genome. Direct to consumer genetics companies, like 23andMe, only genotype a small fraction of the genome. Researchers are finding new genetic locations associated with traits and diseases at a rapid pace. Users might be interested in knowing their genotype status for these new associations, but the locations may be in regions that direct to consumer tests are not genotyping. Imputer leverages the vast amount of genotype data made available by 1000 genomes project to provide Open Humans users with genotype estimates at additional locations in their genome. Explore results in an Open Humans notebook:  and visualize results in an Open Humans notebook:",
            "name": "Imputer",
            "organization": "",
            "registered_datatypes": [
            "requested_sources": [
            "request_sources_access": [
            "request_username_access": true,
            "returned_data_description": "Imputer will return a file with imputed genotypes from a user's existing genotype file.",
            "short_description": "Imputer will perform imputation on user's genotype data to estimate genotypes at missing loci.",
            "slug": "imputer",
            "type": "oauth2"