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Welcome to Winyle Online

Hi, my name is Robert and I am a programmer specializing in PHP, JavaScript and web development. In addition, I own an online store called Winyle Online, which offers a wide selection of vinyl records.

My adventure with programming began in the late 1980s, when I received my first computer - a Commodore 64. It was then that I began to experiment with programming and game development in BASIC, relying on only one documentation book. This was the period I remember most fondly.

In the 1990s I learned Pascal and C. After 2000, I became more seriously interested in programming and web development. I started working mainly with PHP and fell in love with this language. At the same time I explored JavaScript (there were no frameworks then) and MySQL. I remember the times when a website looked different on different browsers and you had to customize it for each browser separately. Those were difficult times, but they brought a lot of valuable experience.

Some words about my shop :)

Winyle Online is a store that has many interesting items on vinyl and compact discs. We have been collecting records since the early 1990s, and in 2019 we started selling them on our proprietary platform. In our catalog you will instantly find the item you are interested in, thanks to many filters that will help narrow down the results to very specific results. We have a lot of information about the albums we sell, including full track lists, with the possibility to listen to recording samples of most of them. We invite you to shop at our store.

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