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About me

Physician-scientist in training (MD-PhD candidate) specializing in cognitive health and science. Working as a doctoral researcher at the Medical Anthropological Research Center of the University Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, Spain).

Goals: optimal cognitive function, fitness, rejuvenation and longevity.

Nutrition: mostly plant-based diet with sporadic consumption of seafood to boost protein and omega-3 intake (salmon, tuna, mussels,...). Fasting: 16 hours daily fast from 4PM to 8AM, plus a 32 hours fast at the beggining of the week. Sleeping: 7 to 8 hours sleep from 10-11PM to 5-6AM. Activity: at the moment resuming a 15k daily steps routine.

Current self-experiment: improve acuity and memory through controlled interventions.

Devices in use: Withings Move smart watch to track sleep and activity patterns, a Withings Body+ scale for weight and body composition analysis, Cronometer for nutrition and fasting tracking, R for data anaylsis and visualization.

Planned interventions: - Adding Lion's Mane, Reishi and Cordyceps to my diet - Adding core and HIIT exercises to my daily routine - Adding jorunaling and spaced repetition to my research and study routine - Developing an open source system to integrate and publish all tracked data - Getting my full genome and microbiome sequenced and analyzed

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